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How to buy a template?

Purchase directly on the front page

Select the template you want, if on the front page click the payment icon then the payment option will appear. Choose one of the payment methods you want

Purchase directly on posts

Select the template you want, then scroll down to the bottom, then you will find PayPal payment methods and bank transfers. Choose one of the payment methods you want

How do I pay for a template using PayPal?

The method is the same as above, select the PayPal payment button

Bagaimana cara bayar template via Bank Transfer?

Metode yang sama seperti di atas, pilih tombol pembayaran Transfer Bank, maka akan langsung ke Payment method dan konfirmasi melalui halaman confirmation

What should I do after making a payment through PayPal?

After you make a payment through PayPal, the next step is confirmation. Payment via PayPal actually does not require confirmation because the file will be sent directly to you via your email which is listed on the payment account at PayPal

How to install the theme correctly?

  1. Extend the file in Zip with the WinRar or FileZip application, 
  2. A template folder will appear, 
  3. Inside the template folder there are 2 XML template files and Notepad,
  4. Choose Notepad,
  5. Select All and copy,
  6. Open Blogger, select Theme, click the right three-point dot icon Edit HTML as shown below:

  7. Save

How to make the display widget on mobile?

Make the widget appear on the mobile page as follows:
  1. Login on Blogger,
  2. Choose Theme,
  3. Click the gear icon,
  4. Then choose: No. Show desktop themes on mobile devices.

  5. Save

Having problems with the template?

During the Support period it is still active, and you do not make any modifications without going through the Template Design or Layout, please send us a message about it. Send via Contact Us or WhatsApp Chat our web footer section

How do you edit a template?

To edit other menus and widgets, please open the Documentation Folder to see a complete guide to the template.

How to send a testimonial?

To send testimonials on our website, please send it via the Contact Us navigation in the footer section

Template Blogger Gratis dan Premium Kualitas Terbaik

Percayakan Template Blogger Premium Anda Pada Spesialis Pembuat Template Blogger Sejak 2017 Dipercaya oleh lebih dari 5000+ Blogger di Seluruh Dunia.

about menghadirkan desain template Blogger profesional yang bersih, elegan dan cantik untuk pemula dan ahli.

Mengapa Template Blogger Terbaik?

  • Template Terbaik

    Kami Berikan template blogger terbaik dengan fitur luar biasa dan desain berkualitas tinggi untuk kebutuhan tema blogger template premium kami

  • Fitur lanjutan

    Dirancang dalam pengkodean tingkat lanjut seperti Kode Pendek & Tipografi yang dapat Anda gunakan di Posting & Halaman yang seo responsive

  • Dukungan Pelanggan Terbaik

    Menyediakan layanan template blogger lengkap di Kustomisasi dan kami juga melayani jasa pembuatan website dengan template premium blogger anda

  • Fitur terbaik

    Semua Template yang disediakan memiliki banyak fitur seperti Breadcrumbs, Valid Schema, Structured Data, dan lain-lain

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